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Hiking Tour - Jabal Burdah

55 JOD per person

This tour will be approximately 4-5 Hours

Includes:        Guide



Different tracks lead to the Burdah rock bridge. Our favorite is the ‘Bedouin road’. That is a 2-kilometer hike and scramble, which takes us about 3 hours. It is one of the most rewarding climbs in all of Wadi Rum desert. It is moderately difficult. Of course, we assist you all the way up. And we show you the most beautiful viewpoints. Some of the steep parts require the use of your hands, as well.

The climb can be done by anyone who is reasonable fit. For those who are afraid of heights or unsure on there feet, this climb is not a fit.

Standing or sitting on the Burdah rock bridge, you will enjoy the absolutely stunning views over the yellow and red desert and its mountains. It is possible to hike all the way to the mountain top to enjoy the spectacular 360 views.

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