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Important Information

Please make note of the following information BEFORE visiting in Wadi Rum.

CASH Only for everything.

We do not accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards

There is no CASH MACHINE in the Village or Visitor Centre of Wadi Rum


What to bring: Comfortable clothing, depending on the time of year you may need a warm winter jacket, warm hat and gloves. 

In summer/late spring cool loose clothing.

Sunhat, Sunglasses, Bedouin Scarf and sunscreen.

Comfortable walking Shoes/Sandals even if you are not doing a hike I would recommend comfortable walking shoes/sandals.

Daypack or Small backpack. To carry personal items.

Reusable water bottles

ALWAYS GO WITH A GUIDE INTO THE DESERT OF WADI RUM! It is a large expansive desert and like anything can be dangerous. Your Bedouin guide will never lead you astray

Jordan is a conservative country but still a Muslim country please be aware of wearing appropriate clothing: long skirts, long trousers.  T-shirts or long sleeved button up shirts or t-shirts.  You do not need to have a head covering for women.  When in camp or hiking they are less strict than in the village

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